Register as a B2B customer

At Horse Riders Classics you can shop as a business customer outside the Netherlands, but registered in Europe, without paying VAT. The VAT is immediately deducted from your purchase amount and your invoice is drawn up with 0% VAT. You can register as an EU VAT-free customer in 2 ways:

  1. You enter your VAT number in the shopping cart, after successful validation in the VIES database, the tax lines are removed from the checkout at the payment step (so not in the cart).
  2. You create an account. Within your account you can enter the company details, after which your VAT number will be checked in the VIES database. After successful validation, the tax lines are removed from the register at the payment step (so not in the cart).

Don't see a change in the purchase amount after you do one of these steps? Then do not go any further, but contact us. We cannot change your invoice afterwards, so once you have paid the VAT, you can reclaim it with your regular VAT return.

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My VAT ID is valid, but no tax is deducted. How did that happen?

Are you looking at the right step? The system communicates with the server on certain predefined events. For technical reasons, the load can only be removed at the payment step .

Solution: Proceed to the payment step and verify that the tax has been removed.

Is the shipping address in the same country as the store?

In that case, we are not allowed to deduct VAT. EU companies may only deduct VAT for other EU companies if:

  1. they have a valid VAT number
  2. they can prove (e.g. by proof of shipment) that the goods have been physically exported from the country of the trader.

Solution : Only orders from other EU countries are eligible for VAT exemption.

I followed all the steps but the VAT is still not deducted. What should I do?

The tax-free system communicates with the server at certain predefined events. It takes a while for the system to actually exempt the customer from tax. If the customer proceeds to checkout quickly, the system may not have been able to change the customer's tax status yet.

Solution: Go back to the shopping cart and proceed to the payment again.

Are you a business customer and located in the Netherlands?

Then you must pay the VAT in our store. You can reclaim this from the Tax and Customs Administration via the regular turnover tax return.