Geef je paard meer ontspanning met een rustgevend masker

Give your horse more relaxation with a soothing mask

Horses can be scary. For example, if they are on foreign territory. It is of course never nice if your horse suddenly becomes very nervous, but this can have unpleasant consequences, especially during a competition. Recognizable? Then the innovative products of the American brand Fenwick might be something for your horse: masks, fly hats and ear plugs that help your horse find more relaxation and focus. Completely natural, so without doping! Good to know: the fly mask can always be worn at competitions, the masks at most competitions. Time to find out more about these innovative new products.

Calming focus mask

Fenwick's Calming Mask is a natural way to help your horse relax and be more focused. The mask makes good use of your horse's skin heat. This skin heat is converted into infrared rays that are reflected. As a result, your horse experiences subcutaneous warming that results in more concentration and more rest. The effect? A horse that is less likely to get scared and is more focused during dressage or jumping, for example.

How does a Fenwick mask work?

The Fenwick mask has a natural effect. It is based on the idea that Far Infrared Rays (FIR) in combination with negative ions have a beneficial effect on your horse's cardiovascular system. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, which initiates all kinds of positive processes in the body. The radiant heat causes the body to excrete toxic substances through sweat, among other things. A better metabolism means better recovery and better resistance.

The mask is made of Liquid Titanium Far Infrared® fabric. It stimulates the body's naturally present capacity for recovery and provides more rest and focus. A few features:

  • Better healing and recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Restore energy levels
  • A better immune system
  • Less stress and startle reactions
  • Better metabolism
  • More focus while driving
  • Better mental health
  • Detox effect

The fabric of the mask

The fabric of the mask is breathable, quick-drying and moisture-absorbent. It is elastic, which makes it comfortable to wear. You can wash mask in a washing machine and it will not shrink. In addition, the quality of the fabric is guaranteed. In short, with this mask you can go ahead for now.

For which horses?

Fenwick has developed several products that every horse will benefit from immediately. Of course you can use these masks and fly hats in the stable, in the paddock, while traveling or training. But they are also allowed at competitions. An overview per category:

  • For showjumpers (allowed at FEI showjumping competitions and nationally from Z)
    o Calming mask with ears
    o Calming mask without ears
  • For all dressage/eventing competitions and jumping horses (under Z)
    o Calming fly hat

The masks come in sizes M (cob) and L (full), the fly hats in size L.

Soothing ear plugs

The Fenwick Liquid Titanium® earplugs are based on the same principle as the Fenwick masks. They offer a therapeutic calming effect based on Far Infrared Rays (FIR) in combination with negative ions. Thanks to the combination of Liquid Titanium® fabric and sponge foam, the earplug conforms comfortably to the horse's inner ear without unwanted pressure. The result: more peace and less anxiety. Of course, these earplugs are breathable and moisture-wicking.

Exclusively at Horse Riders Classics

We are proud that we are the only one in the Netherlands to also sell the Fenwick fly hats and earplugs in addition to the masks. Do you have questions about how these innovative products work? Feel free to contact us!

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