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The breast plate and martingale are important parts of your horse's equipment. Check out our range of top brands of breast plate and martingales here. Not sure or have a question? Then read on below or contact us.

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The function of a breast collar / breastplate

A breastplate is meant to ensure that your horse's saddle stays in place. This way you can prevent the saddle from sliding while riding or jumping. A breast collar is also called a breast collar. You attach a breastplate to the sides or to the top of the saddle. The other end runs between the front legs to the girth. A breastplate is mainly used for jumping, to prevent the saddle from sliding when the horse stretches its back.

Which breastplate do you need?

What kind of vehicle you need depends on the discipline for which you will use it. For jumping, a 3-point model is the most popular. You attach this to the top of the saddle or to the girth straps. For eventing, a 5-point model is usually chosen. This is attached to both the top of the saddle and the girth straps and thus ensures a firmer position of your saddle.

Do you use auxiliary reins, such as a martingale? Then you want there to be enough options to attach it to your vehicle. For convenience, you could also choose a harness with easy-to-connect clips, instead of buckles. This makes it a lot easier to get your horse ready to ride.

What is a martingale?

A martingale is an auxiliary rein with which you can influence the head and neck posture. The martingale is the most commonly used training aid in equestrian sports. With a martingale you can prevent the horse from raising its head.

The most commonly used martingale is the sliding martingale. This is also called a 'loose' martingale. This type of martingale is especially popular for jumping. You also have the fixed martingale. The difference is in the ends. The fixed martingale ends in a loop that is attached to the noseband, a loose martingale splits into two straps. A fixed martingale is often used in the hunter classes.

When do you use a martingale?

A martingale prevents the horse from raising its head too high. The longer you leave a martingale, the higher the horse can raise its head. As soon as your horse raises its head, you lose control of the horse. With a martingale you can ensure that you remain in control. A martingale is often used especially for jumping.

How does a martingale work?

A martingale restricts the horse's freedom of movement. A martingale ensures that the reins are at an angle. When the horse raises its head, the martingale works through the bit on the layers of the mouth.

How should a martingale be positioned?

Each martingale can be attached in a different way. You attach the loose martingale to the girth with one end. You put the reins through the rings of your martingale. A martingale should not be too tight for the horse, but if it is too loose, its effect will be limited. So make sure you have the right size for your horse and adjust it properly. And make sure that the part that runs between your horse's front legs is adjusted accordingly. If it hangs too loose, your horse can get caught in it with a front leg while jumping and you can have nasty accidents.

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In our range you will find horse items from only the best brands. You will find a large collection of the Dy'on range. In addition to Dy'on breastplates, we also have various parts for your horse's bridle of this brand. You will find various vehicles in our range from PS of Sweden and LJ Leathers.

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