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What is a snaffle bridle?

The most commonly used bridle is the snaffle bridle. First of all, what is a snaffle? A snaffle is type of horse bit. Read more about trusses in our blog: What is the difference between a water snaffle, bust snaffle and d snaffle?

A snaffle bridle is therefore a bridle to which a snaffle (bit) is attached. In a snaffle bridle this is just a snaffle bit, in a snaffle bridle there is a bar attached as a second bit. A snaffle bridle is composed of several parts, such as a snaffle, noseband, browband, headpiece, throatband, reins, mouthpiece and barbell. Many of these parts are also available separately.

Different types of nosebands

The difference between snaffle bridles is often in the noseband. You have snaffle bridles with different types of nosebands: for example, combined, high, low and Mexican. By the way, the most commonly used noseband is the combined noseband. You see snaffle bridles in almost all forms of equestrian sports, such as show jumping, dressage and eventing.

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