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Is it wet and/or cold outside? Then it may be a good idea to provide your horse with extra protection against the elements with a rain rug or winter rug. View the rain and winter rugs here that offer your horse the protection he or she needs. Do you have a question? Please contact us.

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Why use a winter rug or rain rug?

Using a winter blanket or blanket for your horse can be important for several reasons:

Warmth and comfort: Winter rugs offer your horse extra warmth and insulation during cold winter months. They help to maintain the horse's body temperature, making it feel more comfortable in cold and harsh weather conditions.

Protection against cold and moisture: Winter rugs can protect your horse against the cold wind, rain, snow and sleet. They prevent the horse from becoming wet and hypothermic, which can lead to health problems such as colds, hypothermia and muscle stiffness.

Maintaining weight and condition: During the winter months it can be more difficult for horses to find and digest enough food. A winter blanket can help maintain the energy the horse consumes, which is essential to maintain a healthy weight and condition.

Reduction of energy loss: Horses lose a lot of heat through radiation, convection and conduction. A well-fitting winter rug can reduce these heat losses, meaning the horse has to spend less energy warming its body.

Protection of the coat: Winter rugs prevent the horse's coat from becoming wet and flattened by rain or snow. This allows the coat to retain its insulating properties and the horse can keep itself warm better.

Choose a winter rug or horse rug

It is important to choose the right thickness and type of winter blanket based on the weather conditions and the individual needs of your horse. Too much insulation can cause overheating, while too little protection does not provide enough warmth. In addition, it is essential to regularly check the blanket for damage and dirt, and to ensure that the horse underneath remains clean and healthy.

Outdoor rug

When we talk about a winter rug or rain rug, we are also talking about an outdoor rug. What it's all about: gives your horse the protection to feel comfortable in harsh conditions.

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