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In our range you will find different types of bridles from exclusive equestrian brands such as Dy'on, LJ Leathers and Equiline. We are happy to tell you more about the different types of bridles, so that you can choose a bridle that completely suits you and your horse.

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The best bridle

The bridle is an important part of your horse's equipment. Among other things, you as a rider communicate with your horse. It is therefore important to find a good bridle for your horse. And of course the eye also wants something. We are happy to help you find a bridle that suits your (horse).

What types of horse bridles?

Bridles come in all shapes and sizes. Each bridle has strong and weak points. Which type of bridle you choose depends on what you want and what is best for your horse. We list a number of bridles, so that you can make a choice based on that. The types we want to name are: Anatomically shaped bridles, snaffle bridles, bar bridles and bitless bridles.

Anatomically shaped bridles

Nowadays, the bridles are more and more anatomically designed, so that your horse is inconvenienced as little as possible. Anatomical means that the bridle fits the shape of your horse. Yet you can use it to give clear signals. In practice, this means that, for example, the headpiece and the noseband are preformed. To what extent depends on the bridle.

Pressure points

The most sensitive point on a horse's body is the neck. Large numbers of nerves, ligaments and tendons gather here. The neck is the body's headquarters and what presses on the neck can cause problems elsewhere in the body. Everything is connected. To distribute the pressure well, the headpieces are therefore preferably wide to distribute the pressure on the horse's neck comfortably and to avoid pressure points. PS of Sweden bridles are known for this.

Most headpieces also have a round shape around the ears. The same principle applies here. Suppose you wear sunglasses that are not bent around your ears, but are completely straight with an angle of 90 °. Then imagine trying to turn your ears around, just like the horses always do when they listen. Turning a round shape against something straight is just not comfortable.

Snaffle bridle

The most commonly used bridle is the snaffle bridle. To start with: what is a snaffle? A snaffle bit is a type of horse bit. Read more about snaffle bits in our blog: What is the difference between a water snaffle bit, bust snaffle and d-trens? A snaffle bridle is therefore a bridle to which a snaffle (bit) is connected. With a snaffle bridle this is only a snaffle bit, with a bar and snaffle bridle there is a bar as a second bit. A snaffle bridle is made up of several parts, such as a snaffle, noseband, browband, headpiece, throatlatch, reins, cheek piece and flash strap. Many of these parts are also available separately.

Different types of noseband

The difference between the snaffle bridles is often in the noseband. You have snaffle bridles with different types of nosebands: for example, combined, high, low and Mexican. The most commonly used noseband is the combined noseband. You see snaffle bridles in almost all forms of equestrian sports, such as jumping, dressage and eventing.


A Weymouth is more for riders with more experience. This type of bridle is most commonly used in dressage. Thanks to a double rein and a double bit, you as a rider have even more options to communicate with your horse. The double bit is in a place in the mouth where your horse has no teeth. So you exert pressure on the tongue and layers of your horse with the reins.

Dy'on collections

Do you buy a bridle from Dy'on? Then you can order loose reins, nosebands, breastplates and other accessories in the same collection. That way your entire harness fits together nicely. For example, there is the Dy'on collection with gold-coloured buckles and cream-coloured decorative stitching. A perfect set for competition. The Dy'on Working collection is a good choice for at home. This bridle is made of sturdy buffalo leather and has an excellent price/quality ratio.

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