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Here you will find Freejump's innovative helmets and accessories in our range. These riding helmets are characterized by the unique removable temporal protection. The temporal protection provides extra protection for vital parts such as the temple and the meningeal artery. Truly safety first, but in a particularly stylish jacket!

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Every year, more than 150,000 head injuries (in France alone) require a visit to the emergency room. About a quarter of these injuries are due to sports or leisure accidents. They have to do with the vulnerability of the brain, but also with the thinness of the skull: the skull protects brain cells against the weakest blows, but can also compress them in the event of bleeding.

Protecting sleep reduces the risk of concussion in the most vulnerable part of the skull, the temple area. Behind the temporal bone lies the meningeal artery. The slightest trauma can damage this artery and form a hematoma, which compresses the brain cells and can cause serious aftereffects, even death. The Freejump Voronoï helmet is the only helmet that takes the temporal region into account. The rigid shell protects the temple by absorbing and distributing the shock wave over a large surface area, while reducing the chance of hitting the temple area if the force of the impact were to deform the tip of the helmet.


The outer shell of the Voronoï is designed in carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a high-tech material. Thanks to its layered structure of interwoven fibers, the carbon fiber shell offers exceptional shock resistance and at the same time is incredibly light (weight of the Voronoï helmet with low temporary protection: +/-650 grams). The Voronoï outer shell perfectly combines lightness and strength for better protection of the skull and temples.

The inner shell of Voronoï is made of EPS, one of the most absorbent materials on the market. A rib strengthens the structure and provides above-average resistance to crushing. Freejump has been inspired by bicycle and ski helmet technology by integrating a polycarbonate plate directly on top of the EPS. This in-molding technology of EPS with polycarbonate, combined with the carbon fiber outer shell, offers exceptional impact resistance thanks to this 3-layer construction.


Inspired by the signature geometric pattern that gives the helmet its name, the vents are designed to optimize airflow for exceptional thermal regulation. The Voronoï pattern, with its irregular geometric cells, creates a unique and captivating aesthetic reminiscent of dragonfly wings. Each cell of the Voronoï pattern has been carefully positioned to maximize resistance and airflow through the helmet, optimizing safety, ventilation and breathability.


The Voronoï is adaptable. It is possible to customize the shell, in-molding and ear rims, vents and grilles, as well as the visor, to reflect a unique style.


The Voronoï helmet is available with or without temporary protection. The lower part (Temporal protection) of the helmet can be removed and reassembled. We recommend that you choose the full configuration (with temporal protection), even if you can purchase and add the temporal protection at a later time.

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