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With TRUST Equestrian, you are choosing a premium product for your horse. Whether it's a bit or a rein, TRUST has thought about every detail and delivers top quality every time. Check out our assortment here.

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The Trust brand

TRUST Equestrian is a traditional Dutch producer of bits that enjoys worldwide fame among horse enthusiasts. This brand is constantly looking for innovation: innovating by looking even more closely at the needs of both rider and horse. This is why TRUST Equestrian has become such a strong brand. We are happy to tell you more about the TRUST Equestrian brand and the bits that we have in our range.

Collaboration with top riders

The team behind TRUST Equestrian works closely with people who are involved in the field, such as (top) competition riders. Thanks to this collaboration and feedback from users, they can continue to improve their products. At the same time, TRUST Equestrian is also constantly looking for new ways to make riding more enjoyable for horse and rider. Also to perform more in the sporting field. You can always expect the best quality from this brand.

Types of bits from TRUST

At TRUST you have plenty of choice when it comes to bits. The offer is almost overwhelming! The bits are produced in three materials; Sweet Iron, Inno Sense and leather. There is plenty of choice as jaw pieces: eggbutt bits, loose ring bits, Dee-bits, Pelhams, Full cheeks, bevals, dressage weymouths, bradoons, etc. But there are also less regular bits such as tandems (combi hackamore), Thiedemann bits and kimblehooks.

TRUST's bits are not only 'Made in Holland' and therefore of the best quality, they are also very beautiful to look at. And let's be honest: the eye also wants something. In short, they are pleasant for your horse, last a long time and look beautiful.

We're happy to help you buy a bit that suits you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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