How to: kuitmaten opmeten

How to: measure calf measurements

If you order chaps or riding boots, you naturally want to be sure that they fit and are comfortable. That is why we have extensive size tables on our site that help you to order the chaps or riding boots that fit exactly. But how do you know what your sizes are? Measuring is knowing! We are happy to explain what you can do. Watch our explanation in the video or read our blog.

Before measuring

For starters, you'll need a good roll centimeter or tailor's tape measure. Please note that it indicates the size in centimeters, not inches. Otherwise you will get completely different sizes! When measuring, wear thin riding breeches with thin socks, or rather what you wear most when riding. Now you are ready to start measuring.

Calf size

The size you will find in almost all tables is the calf circumference. That is the circumference of the thickest point of your calves. You can find that point by looping the centimeter around the calf and then moving it up and down until you feel you have found the thickest point. Then, when you have found that point, you can tighten the centimeter a bit, because the elastic of the riding boots or chaps stretches a bit with this. Now you have found the calf circumference!

Top size

Another important size is the top size. The top size is the circumference at the back of the knees. You can find it by bending your knees slightly and then measuring at the height of the knees and just below the kneecap. Here you don't have to pull the centimeter too tight, because the boots or chaps don't stretch with that, and they have to be able to close. If the chaps or riding boots are too tight at this point, the zippers will open and slide down. That is of course not comfortable and this can damage the saddle.

Ankle circumference

Next we arrived at the ankles. The same applies here as with the top size: you wrap the centimeter around the ankle and do not tighten the centimeter. Height The height is also important. To measure it, you have to bend your knees slightly again, so that you can place the centimeter well in the hollow of the knee. Then you let the centimeter run down the calf. Then you have to stand up a bit again and you can read below the size.

Additional tips

It is almost impossible to measure this accurately yourself. It is therefore important to have someone else do this measurement. It is also important to write down the measurements immediately. This is not only useful if you are looking for new boots, but it is also useful for us when we give you advice on your boots or chaps. We always ask for your measurements, so that we can help you more precisely.

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