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The Acavallo brand

The Italian company Acavallo was founded by two horse lovers with a passion for equestrian sports. The brand makes products for the welfare and protection of horses. This includes gel pads, bits, bit rings and stirrups. Thanks to these products, the performance of both the horse and the rider improves. Acavallo products are now recognized worldwide for their effectiveness and reliability.

Acavallo therapeutic gel

For example, Acavallo uses a lightweight therapeutic gel in their products. The gel of this brand can absorb shock and therefore distribute the pressure evenly. For example, via a curb chain protector or as a gel pad for under the saddle . It gives the horse a more pleasant feeling. Acavallo gel products are therefore ideal for sensitive horses.

Bit rings against mouth irritation

The bit rings from Acacallo are special. Especially for horses and ponies that quickly damage the corners of their mouths. With the special gel in the bit rings you give your horse extra protection in the corners of the mouth.

Safe stirrups from Acavallo

Acavallo has also developed a stirrup that contributes to the safety of both horse and rider. The stirrup has a mechanism that allows the stirrup to open in the event of a fall. Thanks to this Avacallo safety stirrup, your foot will not get stuck in the stirrup at such a moment. That is good for your own safety, but that of your horse. At the same time, this stirrup is made in such a way that it does not spring open if you accidentally hit it with your foot. Beautiful and smart design!

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