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Welcome to our Sale page! Here you will find products from our range that we can offer with attractive discounts, for example because they are the last items from a collection. Be quick, because gone = gone!

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Sale at Horse Riders Classics

Are you purchasing one or more products from our Sale page? Then you always get a top deal. You get the same top brands, only at a significantly reduced rate. The discount on this page can be significant! So quality at a very attractive price.

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On this page you will find all products on which we can give a discount. You can filter by brand, for example, to see what we have on offer from your favorite brand. See what other options you have to filter your choice.

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Are you looking for a specific item? Then select one of the main categories and continue searching. The categories you can choose from:

The advantage of this option is that you can search more specifically for sale items for yourself, your horse, your dog or for your stable.

Products in our sale

Our sale consists of products from previous collections. Usually they are the latest products from such collections. Because the new collections are coming, we are making room so that we only have the latest products in our shop. But it is clear that the products on sale are just as good as other products. Only cheaper. So you really score a good deal!

Combination with other promotions

Good to know: the sale items are separate from other discount promotions. We already give a significant discount on products and therefore cannot give an additional discount on items on our sale page. But let's be honest: the discount you get on your product is already unique!

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Have you found a bargain? Order your sale product today! As with all our products, ordered before 4:00 PM, shipped today. And of course we give you the same service you are used to from us.