10 musthaves voor internationale paardrijwedstrijden

10 must-haves for international riding competitions

Your performance is so good that you decide to sign up for an international competition. Very nice if your registration is also allocated and you can actually start. We assume that you have thought of all the basics, so the vaccinations are in order and your horse will start fresh and in shape.

Stèfanie Heins, International Jumping Rider at Stable Johan Heins gives you her must-haves below. Read which 10 items you should definitely take with you if you are going to drive internationally:

  1. Starting numbers . You need a bib number during the entire event. They should not only be visible when you are driving, but also, for example, when you are going to graze. If we go to a competition ourselves with a stand, you can pick out the new internationals in no time because they come quickly to get a set of starting numbers. Be well prepared and make sure that each horse or pony of yours has its own set of bib numbers.
  2. A competition cabinet that can be locked. And the latter is important because it sometimes happens that things are stolen. A cabinet with large wheels is useful because not every terrain is equally well paved. In addition, a grooming backpack is useful for taking your gear to the ring.
  3. Different types of blankets : (a) a thin cotton blanket is definitely a must-have even when it is hot in the summer because tents on grass are many times colder than your own stable, which has a paved surface and stone walls. (b) A fleece blanket for going out, etc., of course, very nice with your own (stable) name. (c) A fly sheet for when it is hot and you have to wait when entering the jump-off. (d) a rain sheet with neck to keep your horse and saddle dry (and your horse warm) if you have to wait in a downpour. (e) depending on the season, for example, you still need winter blanket(s) with an under blanket and woolen blankets for getting out and about.
  4. A stable curtain with a stable gate . A stable curtain not only provides privacy for your horse, but also has 2 functions. If you are standing in a drafty place in the stables, it keeps the wind and the fanny rain outside your stable and thus ensures a nicer stable climate. In addition, it prevents your horse from pulling things that you have hanging on or in front of the stable into the stable. You won't be the first to find a saddle pad in the bottom of the stable in the morning instead of on the rack where it hung. A stable gate is nice if you have a horse or pony that is quiet in the stable. Because the stables often do not have an opening at the top, your horse can still look into the aisle. In the summer it is often cooler because the house gets more ventilation. For an extra nice effect you can of course have it embroidered with your (stable) name or logo.
  5. A well-stocked grooming box with a number of brushes, shampoo, stain spray that you do not have to rinse out, sponge, sweat knife, hoof oil, braiding elastics and accessories, scissors, knife and tie-rips. The latter in particular come in handy for attaching your stuff to the stable, such as your stable gate.
  6. Buckets and feeders. And of course you bring your own food.
  7. Is it getting hot? Then be sure to bring Electrolytes in powder or liquid form. It is also advisable to bring instant energy syringes. These are applicators with an energizing paste. This will certainly come in handy before you are allowed to ride the jump-off, for example, or before the last test if your horse or pony is already starting to get tired. He will then get some extra energy. In addition, they ensure a better recovery.
  8. Is your horse or pony quick to look at? Then make sure you bring some resources with you that have a calming effect .
  9. Enough white riding breeches and white competition shirts . Because you won't get any cleaner in 3 or 4 days. And some competitions require a white competition shirt if you are allowed to wear summer uniform, so leave those nice bright colors at home. Also bring enough breeches and training shirts that you also wear at home. You can use this if you give your horse or pony some extra exercise. Of course the same also applies to saddle pads .
  10. A bridle hanger is always useful for hanging your halter, bridle, etc. You can then easily reach it and it is easier to clean your bridle on a hanger than hanging it in your competition closet. Do you want to go all chic? Then you can opt for a wooden competition set of a bridle hanger, saddle hanger, director's chair and grooming box. Super chic and you can relax on the chair between the tests. Shop in the stable and on the road category for more tips.
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