Help! Mijn nieuwe witte rijbroek schijnt door: 5 tips

Help! My new white riding breeches shine through: 5 tips

A common reason for returning white riding breeches is that they are transparent. However, there are some tips and tricks you should know about white pants and how to reduce shine through. With a number of handy hacks you can prevent shine through as much as possible, because it's really not the case that your riding breeches of the brand everyone rides suddenly shine through and the others don't ;)

    1. Wash it inside out and with washing powder before first use. Manufacturers often use (chemical) finishes that smoothen the pants and improve the texture. However, these means precisely ensure that the pants also shine through more. So before you put it on to a competition, put it in the washing machine first!
    2. Do not buy the pants too small. In a dark color it is of course less noticeable, but a white (just too) tight pants ensures that the fabric shines through even more. So always read our product description to see if we recommend a size larger for riding breeches, for example.
    3. Choose the right color and texture of underwear under your breeches. A big misunderstanding is that we think that white underpants are the solution for white clothing showing through. Unfortunately, the opposite is true, because white is visible precisely because it is a great contrast with your skin. Also choose underwear that is smooth. So it is better to avoid straps, lace, etc. A seamless boxer is the best choice.
    4. The colors that you can choose best are skin color, gray, light pink and red. These colors work best if you match them as much as possible to the color of your skin. For light skin, go for light gray and light pink, for example. With a dark skin you can move to more red.
    5. Have you bought riding breeches with a large proportion of cotton? Then it is another idea to put it in water with a dash of vinegar for an hour and then wash it. Vinegar water also helps against shine through, but this is of no use with synthetic trousers as most riding breeches are nowadays.

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