Hoe krijg ik een sponsor?

How do I get a sponsor?

We always try to provide everyone with a response, but given the large number of requests, it also seemed like a good subject for a blog. Because I have to admit honestly it feels annoying every time to reject someone. Sometimes a lot of time is put into it and several A4 pages with text, photos and sometimes videos pass by. But why do we not respond to it more often than we do? The reason is actually very simple. Sponsoring is very expensive and sponsoring is about much more than just equestrian shop gives rider product and rider promotes business on the internet, with friends, etc. You are really connected as sponsor and sponsored.

Sponsorship in equestrian sports

To begin with, there must be a click between the sponsor in question and, in this case, us as the sponsor. Often there is a longer period of time in which you get to know each other better, follow the driving style and results and, not unimportantly, the character of the sponsored person. A sponsor rider really has to be a figurehead for your products and that is reflected in these facets. So far we have found everyone we do support in this way. Despite all emails and Facebook messages, you become a sponsor rider by having personal contact with your sponsor. Now things are very different in the professional world of sports sponsorship, but I think it is true for everyone up to international 2* level that sponsorship in many cases arose from the fact that sponsor and sponsored had known each other personally for some time. This can be because of a customer relationship, but also because you simply meet each other regularly and speak at competitions, riding associations, etc.

Find a sponsor through personal contact

So what do you have to do to get sponsored? First of all, forget mail, Facebook, etc., but look for personal contact. Call, visit the company, etc. Second, think about your pitch. Why should you be sponsored by the company in question? What do you have to offer as a sponsor (large network?, visibility) and what do you know about your sponsor (brands, more focused on jumping, dressage, eventing)? Third, take a deep breath. We, but I think 99% of the companies that also receive sponsorship requests on a daily basis do not take any chances when entering into a sponsorship contract. So make sure you get and stay in the picture.

Be creative

Finally, I want to say that you should be awarded it. Endlessly asking whether there is already room for sponsorship is pointless. Make sure you get attention in a positive way and be creative about it.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination, Jimmy Dean"

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