TRUST Inno Sense Thin: het dunste mondstuk ooit

TRUST Inno Sense Thin: the thinnest mouthpiece ever

Inno Sense is a well-known and acclaimed bitten line from TRUST. This line has now been expanded with a thinner version: in addition to the 20 mm version, there is now also a 15 mm version. This thinner bit is also available in a version for ponies. What do you need to know about the new TRUST Inno Sense Thin?

Inno Sense

First something about the Inno Sense line. This successful line is basically suitable for all horses. But in essence, the Inno Sense bits have been specially developed for young horses and/or horses with a sensitive mouth. These bits have a very friendly effect on the sensitive mouth of your horse, so that you can work better and more subtly with your horse. With the new Inno Sense Thin, that group is served even better, especially now that there is also a version for ponies.

FDA approved

Something about the plastic parts of the Inno Sense bits: they are FDA approved. This means that the material is completely safe for you, your horse and other animals: no plasticizers and no toxic substances. Very safe!

Thinner bits: why?

The TRUST Inno Sense bits were only available in a thickness of 20 mm. But now these bits are also available in a thickness (or thinness) of 15 mm. Why is this innovation useful?

Wearing comfort. The thinner bits are perfect for horses and ponies with a small mouth. It can also be an advantage if you use a double bridle combination. You will see and notice that this makes a big difference for your horse or pony, especially during training.

effectiveness. With a thinner bit, your horse has more space in the mouth and the contact is more stable. This makes the cooperation between you and your horse even more effective.

Sizes Inno Sense Thin

The 15 mm variant of the Inno Sense Thin is available in three sizes:

  • 11.5cm
  • 12.5cm
  • 13.5cm

Especially the variant with a length of 11.5 cm makes these bits very suitable for ponies. Good to know: The Inno Sense bits can be combined with all jaw pieces.


Below is an overview of the flexibility of the mouthpieces:




Hardly flexible

Flex Soft






What our customers think

We have already received various reports that the Thin Inno Sense works very well. We don't find that surprising, because the standard line was already great!

For example, Lysanne Kruizinga says about the Thin Inno Sense chest snaffle:

"I've ridden several horses on it, young horses but also older horses. All horses accept the bit nicely. They also foam nicely on it. It's also super fine material."

As soon as we receive more specific experiences, we will share them here.

Buy TRUST Thin Inno Sense Line at Horse Riders Classics

Got excited? Of course you can buy this new TRUST line at Horse Riders Classics. We currently have the following products:

  • Baby pelham tongue arch
  • Chest snaffle with tongue bow
  • Flexi Soft bust snaffle
  • Flexi Soft ring snaffle
  • Snaffle snaffle with tongue bow

You can order your bit online, but you are of course also very welcome in our shop in Ansen. Do you want advice? Read more about choosing a bit for your horse here. But you can also contact us. We are happy to help you find the best bit for your horse.

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