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Within the Samshield helmets you have the 1.0 line and the 2.0 line. On this page you will find our 2.0 helmets from Samshield. Do you have a question about these helmets? Please contact us.

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New: Samshield 2.0 helmets

Let's say first: the Samshield helmet has always been a leader in quality, safety, design and comfort. But this brand continues to innovate and create distinctive products. The result of this innovation is the new Samshield 2.0 helmet. This helmet is even better than the 1.0. And we know: that is also a top helmet. The 2.0 also has a different fit, making it even better.

What's new about Samshield 2.0 helmets?

The Samshield helmet 2.0 has been improved in many areas. An overview of the new features of the Samshield 2.0 helmet:

  • Optimal airflow. The Samshield 2.0 has a unique 6-point ventilation system. This allows the air to flow pleasantly through the helmet while riding.
  • Perfect fit. The helmet has a new integrated chin strap for all hairstyles, including a bun. There is no longer any difference between the normal and dressage chin strap.
  • Memory foam. The use of memory foam also contributes to the perfect fit. The thickness remains the same after years of use.
  • A semi-rigid chin strap. This eliminates any risk of the helmet falling off during movement. The chin strap of the 2.0 sits closer to the head than the 1.0, creating a narrower silhouette.
  • Space for 300 Swarovski crystals. The new finish allows 300 Swarovski crystals to be added to the contours of the helmet, even in areas with airflow. The 1.0 has room for 255 crystals.
  • Own lining. The internal comfort liner is removable using a clip system similar to that of the 1.0 helmet, however the 2.0 helmets have their own liner.
  • The top of the helmet. The top of the helmet no longer extends to the bottom, but ends a few centimeters above the edge.
  • Larger sizes. The sizes range from Small to XLarge (52 to 64). The 1.0 goes from Small to Large (52 to 61).
  • Better protection. The inner shell absorbs the impact energy even better in the event of a fall. This is due to a variable density polystyrene.

Different fit

As mentioned: an important change is that the fit has changed slightly compared to the Samshield 1.0. That means riders who previously couldn't wear a Samshield may now be able to do so. The 2.0 is just a little different. Are you curious about the Samshield 2.0? Come and try on your cap in our store.

Comparing 2.0 with 1.0

Does this mean that the Samshield 1.0 is no longer sufficient? No. This helmet is still of high quality. But the Samshield 2.0 is next level and has a different fit. Would you rather have a Samshield 1.0 helmet ? View our Samshield 1.0 helmets here. You can also experience the difference between the 1.0 and 2.0 in our store.

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